400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series

Designed for low- and mid-rise applications, the Cassette system is designed to be used with most variations of 400 Series Curtainwall – CW, T, SS & TU framing for SSG exterior face of 1” glass thickness. This system has no exterior exposed metal, and adapts to an interior sight line of 2-1/2″ using the strength of variable-depth backmembers. Tubelite’s unique glass-to-edge design allows an all glass exterior appearance. Pivot and slide anchor system allows ease of installation.

A patent is pending on a number of features on this system.

System Features:

  • Common cassette frame across 400CW / T, 400SS & 400TU – all system depths
  • “Pivot and slide” head and jamb anchors… PATENT PENDING
  • “Roll-over” dead load sill anchor… PATENT PENDING
  • “Glass-to-Edge” feature at perimeters…PATENT PENDING
  • Optional Snap-on perimeter closure
  • Door frame compatible
  • Cassette SSG to traditional captured curtainwall transition
  • Silicone glazing or 3M VHB tape glazing
  • Outside and inside 90 degree corners
  • Screw spline cassette frame construction
  • Sun shade attachments
  • Recessed alignment gasket
  • Glass thickness – ¼” to 1-5/16″
  • Designed to attach to 2-1/2” face width back members
  • Horizontal and Vertical accent covers can be added
  • Anchors can be designed to allow renovation of existing buildings with curtainwall framing
400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series Product Specifications*
Application: Low and mid-rise Commercial buildings including retail, office, healthcare, schools, etc.

Description: 2-1/2″ x (up to 11-1/4″) shop glazed, screw spline construction cassette framing.

Face Width: System Depths: Glass: Air Infiltration: Water Infiltration: Structural: U-Value: CRF
2-1/2″ up to
1” std
(1/4″ –
0.06 CFM / Ft.2
@ 6.24 PSF
15 PSF – Static
15 PSF – Dynamic
40 PSF Design
60 PSF Overload
U-Value Table CRF-Value 32 STC
400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series Product Specifications
Application: Low and mid-rise commercial buildings including retail, office, healthcare, schools, etc.
Description: 2-1/2” x (up to 11-1/4″) field glazed, shear block construction curtainwall.
Face Width: 2-1/2″
System Depths: up to 11-1/4″
Glass: 1″ (1/4″ to 1-5/16″)
Air Infiltration: 0.06 CFM / Ft.2 @ 6.24 PSF
Water Infiltration: 15 PSF – Static; 15 PSF – Dynamic
Structural: 40 PSF Design; 60 PSF Overload
U-Value: U-Value Table
CRF (frame): 400 CW/T – 85, 400 SS – 84
Acoustic: 32 STC, 26 OITC
* See Tubelite’s Test Reports for mock up sizes and test conditions.