Ecoluminum - More recycled content, eco-efficient finishes
We offer recycled aluminum for extruded products with an industry leading content of post-consumer and pre-consumer material
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Door Hardware

Tubelite Standard Door Hardware includes locks, panics, hinges and pivots for typical door requirements that provide a lifetime of operation. Finishes have been selected to match or compliment standard anodized or painted door and frame colors. The attractive 1” diameter pull handle and push bar design is functional too; they are easy to grip and can be operated without grasping to accommodate all potential users. Handles are through-bolted for years of dependable service, and operating items are also located at heights within easy reach of children or adults. These items are stocked for short lead-times and quick delivery.

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Hinges & Pivots

ABH Continuous Gear Hinges

Hager Hardware

International Offset Pivots

Jackson Center Hung Pivots

Amesbury Offset Pivot

Door Closers

Dorma 7400 Series

Dorma 8600 Series

300 Series

5300 Series

LCN 4040 Series

Locks, Lock Faceplates & Accessories

AdamsRite Cylinder Guard

AdamsRite Deadbolt-Latch

AdamsRite Deadbolt

AdamsRite Handle

Flush Bolt

AdamsRite Hookbolt

AdamsRite Latchlock

AdamsRite Deadlatch Paddle

Panic Exit Devices

FirstChoice Exit Devices

Electric Power Transfer

Electric Latch & Power Supply
Push Bars

Rockwood Push Bars

Weathering Gaskets

Tremco Extrusions

Concealed Screw Weathersweep

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