14000 Series Storefront Framing

14000 Storefront Framing Cutaway

For optimal strength and thermal performance, use Tubelite’s 14000 Series Storefront Framing, a flush-glazed system for use on storefront and low-rise applications. Framing is available in standard non-thermal and thermal members with 2″ x 4 1/2” profiles and a 1/2” bite for use with glass or panels up to 1 1/8″ thick. Extra-heavy intermediate verticals are available for high performance against strong windloads.

Reduce project labor costs with the flexibility of inside or outside glazing. Members can be assembled using screw spline or clip joinery, and framing is compatible with Tubelite Narrow, Medium and Wide Stile Doors.

Our 14000 Series Storefront products are subjected to thorough testing by an independent laboratory, ensuring that you get the highest quality storefront framing products that the industry has to offer.

image005 14000 Series Storefront, Bronze Anodized; Project: Downtown Parking Garage, Traverse City, MI; General Contractor: Christman Co.; Tubelite Dealer: Northern Michigan Glass

14000 Series Product Specifications
Application: Low-rise commercial buildings:  retail, office, healthcare, schools, etc.

Description: 2″ x 4 1/2” center set, outside or inside flush glazed storefront.

Glass Air
Structural CRF U-Value* Acoustic
2″ 4 1/2 1” std
(1/8” – 11/8“)
0.06 CFM/Ft.2
@ 6.24 PSF
10 PSF – Static
10 PSF – Dynamic
30 PSF – Design
45 PSF – Overload
T (Thermal) 62F 68G E (Non-thermal) 0.47
T (Thermal) 0.33
STC 32
14000 Series Product Specifications
Application Low-rise commercial buildings:  retail, office, healthcare, schools, etc.
Description 2″ x 4 1/2” center set, outside or inside flush glazed storefront.
Face Width 2″
System Depth 41/2
Glass 1” std (1/8” – 11/8“)
Air Infiltration 0.06 CFM/Ft.2@ 6.24 PSF
Water Infiltration 10 PSF – Static, 10 PSF – Dynamic
Structural 30 PSF – Design, 45 PSF – Overload
CRF*: T (Thermal) 62F 68G
U-Value* E (Non-thermal) 0.47, T (Thermal) 0.33
Acoustic STC 32, OITC 26
* Refer to Tubelite guide specifications and report summaries for complete test specimen description and data.
14000 Series Technical Data
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Material Safety Data Sheets ZIP File
CAD File (DWG): E14000 ZIP File | PDF
T14000 ZIP File | PDF
BIM Models: Zip File
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Installation Instructions: PDF File
Specs: Word File
Windload Charts: PDF File
Storefront and Entrances Brochure
Tubelite Storefront Brochure PDF File
14000 Series Test Reports
Air-Water Structural-Seismic E /T14000
CRF T14000 Thermally Broken
T14000 Thermally Insulated
Acoustic STC/OITC 
NFRC 100-200-500 T14000 NFRC
State Approvals
E14000 Florida Non-impact FPA 16990.1
T14000 Florida Non-impact FPA 16992.1
E14000 Texas Non-impact Coming soon
E14000 Texas Non-impact Coming soon