900RW Thermal Ribbon Window

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Tubelite’s 900RW Series offers solutions for between slab strip window applications. The 2-1/4” wide system is available in 4-1/2” and 6” depths. Glazing options include all captured, silicone glazed verticals, and exterior glazing for spandrel areas.

Optional integrated slab edge finishes off the building’s exterior, and head and sill starters enable complete installation from the inside of the building. The single or dual thermal break option help ensure project energy compliance at the best value.

Labor Savings with Thermal Performance

The dual thermal break with Azon’s LancerTM Mechanical lock improves performance where more stringent energy codes apply.

Therml=Block Curtainwall, Storefronts and Entrances compliment the system providing a complete package that’s easy to fabricate and install.

The 900RW Window system is available with Tubelite’s high recycled aluminum content, Ecoluminum, and environmentally friendly paint and anodized finishes from Linetec.

System Features:

  • Single and P&D thermal options help ensure compliance to project energy requirements.
    See U-value and CRF performance data below.
  • Stick fabricated with screw spline construction.
  • Captured and silicone glazed verticals.
  • Can be used with Aluminate Light Shelves and MaxBlock sun shades.
  • Head and sill starters, slab edge covers, interior and exterior glazing.


900RW Series Product Specifications
Application: Low to mid-rise Ribbon Window with both interior and exterior glazing
Face Width: Overall Depths: Glass
Air Infiltration: Static & Dynamic Water: Structural:        CRF: U Value1: Sound Transmission2: Interstory Llveload:
2-1/4″ 4-1/2″ & 6″ 1” 0.06 CFM/Ft.2@ 6.24 PSF 15 PSF 40 PSF Design

60 PSF Overload

Single P&D –
70 Glass
68 FrameDual P&D –
72 Glass
72 Frame
Single P&D – 0.32

Dual P&D – 0.30

31 STC
[36 STC]
[32 OITC]
+/- 1/2”
900RW Series Product Specifications
Application: Low to mid-rise Ribbon Window with both interior and exterior glazing
Face Width: 2-1/4″
Overall Depths: 4-1/2″” & 6″
Glass Thickness: 1”
Air Infiltration: 0.06 CFM/Ft.2@ 6.24 PSF
Static & Dynamic Water: 15 PSF
Structural: 40 PSF Design, 60 PSF Overload
CRF*: Single P&D – 70 Glass, 68 Frame; Dual P&D – 72 Glass, 72 Frame
U Value: Single P&D – 0.32 Dual P&D – 0.30
Sound Transmission: 31 STC [36 STC]

25 OITC [32 OITC]

Interstory Llveload: +/- 1/2”
* See Tubelite’s Test Reports for mock up sizes and test conditions.