Tubelite’s architectural aluminum entrance doors are designed and tested for commerical U.S. contruction. Standard, Monumental, Thermal, Hurricane, and Blast systems provide solutions for retail, educational, hospitality, government, and institutional projects.

Durable Tie Rod corner construction allows for field modification and adjustment providing both strength and flexibility.

A wide varitey of standard and specialized hardware is available including, butt hinges, continuous gear hinges, offset and center pivots, push bars, pull handles, locks and cylinders.

Entrances can be anodized or painted in any of our 21 standard finishes plus an infinite number of blendable standard and custom colors.

Stock entrances are available in either clear or dark bronze anodize finish and readily available for quick delivery


Check out following entrance products we have to offer:

Standard Narrow Stile Entrances
Designed for light to moderate commercial applications with 2-1/8″ vertical stiles and top rail and 4″ bottom rail (options up to 10″).

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RiverTown Crossings Mall Entrance
Standard Medium Stile Entrances
Designed for moderate to heavy commercial applications with 4″ vertical stiles and top rail and 6-1/2″ bottom rail (options up to 10″).

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Standard Wide Stile Entrances
Designed for heavy commercial applications with 5″ vertical stiles and top rail and 6-1/2″ bottom rail (optionals up to 10″).

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Monumental Entrances
Designed to withstand heavy use in high-traffic areas, Tubelite’s Monumental Doors feature a section depth of 2″ and minimum wall thickness of 3/16″, increased at critical points to 1/4″ for added strength. Available in Narrow Stile 3″, Medium Stile 4-1/2″ and Wide Stile 6″ models; top rails in 3-1/2″, 4-1/2″ and 6″ heights; and bottom rails in 6″ or optional 10″ heights for ADA compliance. Sightlines complement the bold features of institutional applications and heavy-duty hardware. Framing may be reinforced with steel and used with a continuous hinge for maximum strength and dependability.

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Therml=Block Entrances

Tubelite Therml=Block Entrances are designed using the same durable components as our Standard Entrances for outstanding craftsmanship and strength, with the additional benefit of strut thermal barriers for enhanced thermal performance. Door stiles are available in Medium Stile 4″ and Wide Stile 5″ models; top rails in 4″ and 5″ heights; and bottom in 10″ height for ADA compliance. Snap-in thermally broken vertical frame closures easily accommodate addition of sidelites and incorporation with thermal storefront framing.

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Therml=Block TerraPorte 7600

The TerraPorte 7600 Series Out-swing and In-swing architectural terrace doors are ideal for mid-rise residential projects, condominiums, and hotels. The 3-1/4″ deep thermal system can be installed as a standalone product or easily integrated into Tubelite’s curtainwall, ribbon window, and storefront systems.

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