Architectural Consulting

Tubelite Architectural Sales Consultants are available to assist with Product Selection, Specifications, Structural Calculations, and AIA-CES Presentations.

Northern-Architecture-ConsultingNorthern Coverage by
Doug Dietrich AIA, CSI, CDT
Architectural Specification Manager
Home Office: Iowa
(515) 201-9444 [phone]
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Southern-Architecture-ConsultingSouthern Coverage by
Kevin Haynes
Architectural Specification Manager
Home Office: Florida
(954) 213-8751 [phone]
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Brian Tobias
Internal Architectural Representative
(616) 808-2508 [phone]
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Contact the Tubelite Architectural Consultant for the state where your project is located

Registered Continuing Education ProviderTubelite Inc. is a registered Continuing Education Provider with the American Institute of Architects. The following opportunities are available for AIA members to maximize their professional skills. Attendee names and member numbers will be transmitted to Tubelite’s corporate office for reporting of your Learning Units and certificates of completion.

CES Programs

  • Storefront or Curtainwall “Seeing Through the Difference”
    – SFVCW101 – 1.0 Hour [HSW]

    Course participants will be able to select between storefront  and curtainwall systems for commercial applications as they relate to occupant safety, environmental factors, system performance attributes, system limitations and proper product installation in terms of indoor environmental quality, human health and safety, and examine advancements in system performance in regards to energy saving thermal performance.

  • Energy Efficient Fenestration “Don’t Be Left in the Cold”
    – EEF101 – 1.0 Hour [HSW]

    This course provides an overview of the process of selecting energy-efficient aluminum framing systems including storefront, curtainwall, and entrance doors for commercial applications. The program will examine energy codes, thermal design criteria, definitions, condensation, testing and certification processes enhancing the design professional’s ability to make appropriate thermal framing selections for their project. Overview of common materials used in commercial construction with a detailed look at the benefits of using recycled aluminum, thermal properties and energy saving techniques.

  • Hurricane Impact-Resistant Fenestration  “Weathering the Storm”
    – HIRF101 – 1.0 Hour [HSW]

    This course includes a comprehensive review of protective glazing, storefront, curtainwall and entrances intended for use in coastal regions requiring wind-borne debris protection. The program will examine industry standards, test procedures, and performance attributes for commercial protective glazing systems, enabling the design professional to select the appropriate product for their project.
  • Blast Mitigation Fenestration  “Selecting the Best Defense”
    – BMF101 – 1.0 Hour [HSW]

    This learning program is a comprehensive introduction to blast mitigation fenestration utilized on government facilities. Course participants will review the basic physics of a bomb blast, compare blast mitigation standards as recognized by the Department of Defense and the General Services Administration, and discuss challenges when designing and specifying protective glazing systems that reduce damage associated with a bomb blast.

  • “The In’s and Out’s of Aluminum Doors and Frames”
    – ENT003 – 1.0 Hour [LU]

    Learn the advantages of architectural aluminum doors and frames, industry standard sizing, and standard hardware options. The course will also provide participants with an overview of architectural finish options for aluminum doors and frames.

  • “Green” Architectural Aluminum and Glass
    – GRN003 – 1.0 Hour [HSW]

    Overview of common materials used in commercial construction with a detailed review of the benefits of using recycled aluminum, thermal properties and energy savings considerations.

Please contact a Tubelite sales representative to arrange a presentation in your office on a convenient pre-arranged time and location.