Tubelite ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact doors help protect people and property

Helping protect people and property, Tubelite Inc. introduces its ForceFront Storm hurricane/impact architectural entrance door systems with an expanded choice of approved hardware. These new door systems are ideally suited for low- and mid-rise retail, educational, hospitality, government and institutional buildings in regions with hurricanes and storms. Engineered for compliance [...]

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Tubelite’s new, thermal pressure plate for curtainwall

Tubelite introduces a new, thermal pressure plate for use on all of our curtainwall systems with a 2-1/2-inch sightline. This new thermal pressure plate employs the following features and benefits: The same 8-inch-on-center screw spacing as on our standard aluminum pressure plates With a comparable thickness as the aluminum pressure [...]

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Tubelite introduces 400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series with proprietary anchors and glass-to-edge glazing

Tubelite Inc. launches a new 400 4-Side SSG Cassette Series glazing system for building envelopes in low- and mid-rise commercial curtainwall applications, such as retail centers, offices, health care facilities and schools. The aluminum-framed, factory-fabricated and factory-glazed system is field installed into the curtainwall grid with 2.5-inch interior sightlines and [...]

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Tubelite launches 400SS Screw Spline Thermal Curtainwall

Tubelite Inc.'s new 400SS Series thermal, screw spline, aluminum-framed curtainwall features a thermally broken system to meet today' commercial building codes and performance criteria. In addition to delivering high thermal performance (U-Factors) and condensation resistance, the new system is engineered for glazing in either the shop or in the field [...]

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Engineered for efficiency: Tubelite supports labor-saving installation with integrated system designs

Helping save time, labor and associated costs, Tubelite has engineered its breadth of aluminum-framed fenestration products to serve as individual components and together, as a complete building envelope. Its windows and doors integrate and install into Tubelite's curtainwall, window wall and storefront systems. Tubelite's products are manufactured to meet the [...]

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Peek into the portal: Tubelite clients enjoy benefits of password-protected access

All current and active Tubelite customers can enjoy access to the Client Portal and its features. Those using the portal most often view their up-to-date order information and shipping status. Increasingly, our customers also are watching installation and tour videos. Our clients-only video library continues to expand and currently includes: [...]

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BD+C features Tubelite’s durable doors for high-traffic entryways

Projects built for high traffic and longevity in mind depend on Tubelite's tie-rod doors.Building Design+Construction features two successful and enduring project examples:* Indiana State Fairgrounds' Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion* Mount Rushmore National Memorial's gift shop"Considering that entry doors are among the most frequently used moving parts of a building, [...]

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Glass Magazine spotlights Phantom 5000

Glass Magazine spotlights Phantom 5000 zero sightline awning and casement windows from Tubelite. Allowing occupants to enjoy the benefits of natural ventilation and natural light, these windows integrate and install easily into Tubelite’s curtainwall, window wall and storefront systems.  

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