Eco-friendly copper finish by Tubelite

Tubelite Inc.’s copper anodize finish creates a striking visual effect that retains its bright metallic appearance, while extending the environmentally-responsible, low-maintenance benefits of its storefront, curtainwall, entrance and daylight control systems.

Ideal for the Southwestern aesthetic and for historically-influenced design palettes, the copper anodize withstands extreme environments and the trials of time. Providing superior abrasion resistance and durability, the anodize finish is applied and tested to meet all AAMA 611 Class 1 specifications. This eco-friendly finish will not reveal its age with a patina.

Offered as a standard color choice, no custom color-matching is necessary. No clear coat or periodic lacquer treatments are required to preserve its copper color. There are no limits on shapes or quantities and the finish can be applied to both aluminum sheets and extrusions. Once installed, there is no need to worry about run-off stains or galvanic corrosion from copper ions.

The copper anodize creates a soft, matte finish that helps hide small imperfections that may occur on the surface of recycled aluminum. The aluminum for Tubelite’s architectural products can be extruded with a high recycled-content aluminum billet composition, consuming 95% less energy to produce than standard billet.

The eco-friendly anodize finish also reduces energy use and produces up to 90% less waste than traditional anodize processes. The process byproducts from the bath are recyclable. Applied in Linetec’s state-of-the-art finishing facility, the anodize process produces no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) . No-VOC finishes and secondary billet contribute to projects seeking certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Green Building Rating System™.

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Therml=Block® Thermal Doors and Frames

Tubelite has released a new product line of thermally broken doors and frames. The door and frame utilize an “I” shaped thermal strut reinforced with 25% nylon fiber to provide superior CRF of 56 and Uc of 0.65. Each assembled extrusion must pass a shear test of 1000 lb minimum. The doors have a Medium stile dimension of 4″ with a 4″ top rail and a 10″ bottom rail as standard. There are options for a 4″ mid-rail and rabbet stiles for continuous hinge application. The meeting stile on a pair of doors includes our improved adjustable astragal and standard weathering.

The thermal frame is similar to Tubelite’s 14000 series storefront with a 2″ face and 4-1/2″ depth. This new line can be ordered with our standard and custom, anodized and paint colors.

Details and instructions can be viewed here.

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