Engineered for efficiency: Tubelite supports labor-saving installation with integrated system designs

Centrum Bucktown, Photo by Michael Lipman, courtesy of Tubelite Inc.Helping save time, labor and associated costs, Tubelite has engineered its breadth of aluminum-framed fenestration products to serve as individual components and together, as a complete building envelope. Its windows and doors integrate and install into Tubelite’s curtainwall, window wall and storefront systems.

Tubelite’s products are manufactured to meet the aesthetic, performance and environmental goals of each project, as well as for easy fabrication and installation. Mary Avery, Tubelite’s vice president of marketing, explains, “We’ve introduced several new products in the last few years – our TerraPorte terrace doors, 900RW ribbon windows and Phantom 5000 vents. These fit within our existing products and work together as an integrated system that helps save labor and headaches.”

She continues, “Customers who once relied on us primarily for our entrances and storefront, now count on Tubelite for their one-stop, total package of aluminum-framed entrance, storefront, curtainwall, ribbon and vent window, and daylighting systems. All of our products have been designed and tested to meet stringent industry performance standards.”

Centrum Bucktown by Michael Lipman.Tubelite’s products are tested per the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards for air, water, structural and condensation resistance. They also are tested and modeled for thermal transmittance per the National Fenestration Council (NFRC) procedures.

Avery adds, “Our product engineers have taken the time-consuming work of matching system depths for a consistent appearance and connections for a dependable, proper installation.”

Further demonstrating its dependability and partnership, Tubelite’s processes ensure orders are delivered undamaged, complete and on time.


For an AIA-approved continuing education course on “Product Selection for Aluminum Fenestration” or other presentations, please email or call 800-866-2227.

About Tubelite Inc.
For more than 70 years, glazing contractors have counted on Tubelite’s dependable service, fabrication and distribution of architectural aluminum products. Part of Apogee Enterprises, Inc., the company is an industry leader in eco-efficient storefront, curtainwall and entrance systems, and recognized for its fast, reliable and consistent delivery.

Tubelite’s corporate office, fabrication, warehouse and shipping operations are located in Walker, Michigan. Its Dallas location provides additional fabrication, warehouse and shipping operations. Its facility in Reed City, Michigan, houses the company’s aluminum extrusion operation. The company also has offices in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Warwick, Rhode Island.

Tubelite and its staff are members of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), the National Glass Association/Glass Association of North America (NGA/GANA), the Society of Military Engineers (SAME) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).


Project photos of Centrum Bucktown by Michael Lipman.

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BD+C shows how Tubelite’s tie-rod doors balance adaptability with durability

Tubelite’s tie-rod doors are built for easy modification and repair — all without compromising durability and longevity. Pat Neyhart, vice president of Wooster Glass Co., has worked with the company for 40+ years and knows of several Tubelite doors in Wooster, Ohio that have performed for decades.

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The tie-rod doors installed at the Wayne Savings Bank in 1964 remain in operation today, thanks to their durability and adaptable construction. Neyhart says, “Those are the original doors for the bank. We’ve never taken it off or had to replace a tie rod or anything. I cannot remember having anybody go up there to service that door.”

The retail location at 116 East Liberty Street has had many lives during its past 40 years, but like the bank, only one set of doors. Several years ago, Neyhart remembers adding a panic bar exit device on one door. He explains that it was a fairly simple modification: “You take the two tie rods off and replace the rails. You can disassemble the tie rods manually, without power tools, and do it right in the field.” Image of video cover page

Watch a video showing how tie-rod doors can be serviced and replaced with ease.

“Tie rod definitely has its advantages,” confirms Neyhart. “We prefer to use Tubelite because of the adaptability.”

Please contact us if we can answer any additional questions for you regarding aluminum entrance systems, and let us know how we help you select the most dependable products for your next project.


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Peek into the portal: Tubelite clients enjoy benefits of password-protected access

All current and active Tubelite customers can enjoy access to the Client Portal and its features.

Those using the portal most often view their up-to-date order information and shipping status.

Increasingly, our customers also are watching installation and tour videos. Our clients-only video library continues to expand and currently includes:
* Storefront installation, in English or SpanishImage of Tubelite Client Portal
* Curtainwall installation
* Tie-rod doors’ repair and re-assembly
* Door glazing for a standard door with 1-inch glass
* Door glazing for a standard door with 1/4-inch glass
* Tour of our company
* Tour of our extrusions, “How do they do that?”

Our interactive Tubelite Translator Tool has seen nearly constant use since coming online in October 2017. Clients effortlessly translate Tubelite’s extensive offering, by product descriptions and part numbers, with systems and parts of other suppliers.

Regularly updated, other downloadable resources are available with a simple click:
* The complete Price Book, Easy Estimate tool and training presentation
* Substitution requests for support during or after bidding
* Quote and order forms for doors and custom products
* Glass size calculator
* Lead-time guide
* Care and maintenance guide
* Warranty information

Tubelite is dedicated to our clients and continues to seek ways of improving the partnership experience.

Registering for access is as easy as providing your email and password, and confirming your custom and contact information.

Click here to get started.

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BD+C features Tubelite’s durable doors for high-traffic entryways

Projects built for high traffic and longevity in mind depend on Tubelite’s tie-rod doors.
Building Design+Construction features two successful and enduring project examples:
* Indiana State Fairgrounds’ Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion
* Mount Rushmore National Memorial’s gift shop
“Considering that entry doors are among the most frequently used moving parts of a building, it is impressive how long aluminum doors last and how well they perform. The door of a high-traffic entry such as at a retail facility could see literally hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of openings and closings every year,” begins the article.
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Please contact us if we can answer any additional questions for you regarding aluminum entrance systems, and let us know how we help you select the most dependable products for your next project.


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Glass Magazine spotlights Phantom 5000

Glass Magazine spotlights Phantom 5000 zero sightline awning and casement windows from Tubelite. Allowing occupants to enjoy the benefits of natural ventilation and natural light, these windows integrate and install easily into Tubelite’s curtainwall, window wall and storefront systems.


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