Sun Controls

Effectively reduce Solar Heat Gain by shading vision glass areas of the building envelope with Tubelite’s MAXBLOCK® sun shades. Cooling costs can be significantly lowered while still allowing natural light to fill the workspace.

Our MAXBLOCK® Sunshades are designed for use with Tubelite Curtainwall and Storefront products. A unique, easy to install outrigger bracket fastens at the pressure plate area and allows removal of individual sections of Sunshade for reglazing applications.
• Minimize solar heat gain through efficient shadefactor design
• Reduce cooling costs and energy use
• Credits available for LEED projects
• Patent pending detachable mounting bracket designed to allow reglazing
• Variety of blade and outrigger styles available
• Finishes to match or contrast with Curtainwall framing
• Distinctive architectural design

Bernalillo, NM Public Schools - Daylighting Controls
Check out the following sun control products we have to offer:

Maxblock Sunshades Airfoil
Maxblock Sunshades Airfoil Detail
AAFCU Air Academy Federal Credit Union in Colorado Springs Colorado
Maxblock® Sunshades: Airfoil
Airfoil – 5″ blade: This model has a bullnose-shaped-fascia and straight outrigger. The aerodynamic design directs wind and water out and away from the building and is able to span up to widths of 84″ at 65psf.

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Maxblock Sunshades Z Blade
Maxblock Sunshades Z Blade Detail
Frontier Refinery in Cheyenne Wyoming

Maxblock® Sunshades: “Z” Blade
“Z” Blade – 5-1/4″ blade: This shape is our highest shade factor design providing the maximum shade possible with straight outrigger and box-shaped fascia. It will span up to 56″ at 65psf.

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Maxblock Sunshades Tubular
Maxblock Sunshades Tubular Detail
Maxblock Sunshades Tubular Building

Maxblock® Sunshades: Tubular
Tubular – 2-3/4″ round blade: This is our strongest design with greatest resistance to windload. It has a curved outrigger with a 3-3/4″ tubular fascia and is able to span up to 142″ at 65psf.

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aLuminate Light Shelves
Adrian Family Medical in Battle Creek Michigan

aLuminate™ Light Shelves
aLuminate light shelves are designed for use with most Tubelite storefront and curtainwall framing systems, as well as many other aluminum framing systems.

The design effectively increases the amount of natural daylight reaching deeper into occupied areas, which reduces the need for artificial light.

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