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“Very often you hear from customers when there’s something wrong, and not often enough when you get it right. Here’s a short story I want to share with you, and I hope you’ll share it with the appropriate people at Tubelite.

Storefront supplier comes into our shop the other day, and asks me bluntly why we don’t order from them, given they’ve provided more competitive pricing recently. I told him that a few weeks ago I placed an order with Tubelite, a portion of which was to be shipped off for bending. I failed to enter that on my PO but the people in customer service caught it, called me right away, and fixed it for me. Another time I ordered curtain wall, something I’m not that good at. There were some crucial components that I didn’t have on my PO. Again, Tubelite’s customer service called me and brought it to my attention, once again fixing me and saving me time that could have been lost had I not learned this until fabrication time. I further explained to this supplier that this was not uncommon practice, that Tubelite paid attention to our orders, and didn’t just robotically plug them in, that they OFTEN caught our discrepancies and righted them for us. And that this was true of all of Tubelite’s departments, not just customer service. I asked him if he thought he could provide service like THAT. He said “No, no I can’t.”

I mention this to you now because recently customer service lost an order that I placed a few weeks ago, and now I’m in hot water with the GC. In my six years at E-Z Glass, this is the first time this has ever happened to me with Tubelite. Don’t get me wrong, in the moment I was rather upset. But looking at the big picture, Tubelite has provided all of us here with impeccable service and quality product consistently. And we appreciate you/them.

Thanks for everything. You have our continued confidence and loyalty.”

Stacy Gonzalez –
Vice President & General Manger of Commercial Construction