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“I’ve been in the industry for over 27 years and this is the first time I’ve seen a rollout for a new product this complete. Insightful presentation and very refreshing. Nice job!”

Kent Baumann – Tubelite Inc.


“We carried this vision into the design with such areas as the executive board room featuring floor-to-ceiling curtainwall and the ultra-clear glass tower observation floor. These two areas invoke the sense of expanse and are where some of the most remarkable views in all of the Red River Valley can be witnessed.”

“Managing solar heat gain was a key performance requirement due to the design intent for the 127-foot glass tower. The Tubelite system provided this performance requirement, while allowing ultra-clear glazing to be utilized.”

“Brin Contract Glazing was efficient at installing the Tubelite system in unfavorable conditions and allowing the overall project to be completed on schedule. The final product surpassed the client’s needs and provides an aesthetically unique statement for the University of North Dakota.

Matti Roinila – AIA