ForceFront Storm® – Medium Stile Entrance

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Introducing ForceFront Storm – Medium Stile Entrance

Tubelite ForceFront Medium Stile impact resistant entrance doors are rated for windzone 2 – large & small missile impact [ASTM E1886-05/1996-09] and passed the forced entry test [AAMA 1304-02]. These 4″ Medium Stile doors are glazed with 1-1/16″ thick laminated insulated glass and are wet glazed on the interior side. Transom glass in all door frames are wet glazed. Door frames are non-thermal, and are available with options for heavy-wall extrusions and steel reinforcing where required. Thresholds are equipped with bulb weatherseal gaskets and are ADA accessible. Hinging hardware options include heavy duty morised butts and continuous gear hinges. Locking types can be concealed vertical rod panics or deadlocks.

ForceFront Storm Medium Stile Doors Testing

  • Designed for compliance with HVHZ Windzone 2, – Large Missile Impact, [ASTM E1886-05/E1996-09 TAS 201]
  • 50PSF +/- cyclic loading for 3′0″ x 7′0″ single doors thru 6′0″ x 7′0″ pairs
  • Forced Entry Test [AAMA 1304-02]
  • Large Missile Impact Test – [ASTM E1886-05/1996-09 TAS 201]
  • Forcefront Storm E34000 Forcefront Impact Resistant Doors also available


E34000 Entrances can help with the following LEED points:

  • EQ 8.1 & 8.2 Daylight & Views

ForceFront Storm Medium Stile Doors Product Specifications
Application: Stile
Frame Depth
or Max Size:
Test Pressure: Outside HVHZ
– Approved:
Impact Approval: Inside HVHZ
– Approved:

Single up to 3′0″ x 7′0″
Pairs up to 6′0″ x 7′0″


Single Leaf: 35-13/16″ x 83-5/16″

+/- 50


[Forced Entry]


ForceFront Medium Stile Doors
Application: Single up to 3′0” x 7′0”
Pairs up to 6′0” x 7′0”
Stile Width: 4″
Frame Depth or Max Size: Single Leaf: 35 13/16” x 83 5/16“
Test Pressure: +/- 50
Outside HVHZ – Approved: Yes FL16891
Impact Approval: Yes FL17191 [Forced Entry]
Inside HVHZ – Approved: No