Architectural Aluminum Finishes

Tubelite Aluminum Finishes Sample

AAMA 2604 - 5 Year Finish Warranty AAMA 2605 - 10 Year Finish Warranty

In addition to our stocked Clear and Bronze anodized, and White painted colors, we offer five more anodized finishes and 19 standard painted colors. Blended standard and custom colors are also available, providing you with an infinite variety. More than a palette of pretty colors, our finishes are tough and backed by some of the best warranties in the industry.

See Tubelite’s Standard Finish Color Guide for detailed information on the exceptional performance, integrity and weatherability of our durable anodized finishes. This guide also gives specifications for color retention, erosion resistance and gloss retention of our high-quality, painted finishes.

With the same durability and recyclability of aluminum, Tubelite now offers the look and feel of natural wood with 12 Wood Grain Finishes. These finishes are designed for the toughest environment and are also backed by up to a 5 year warranty.

Standard Finish Color Guide – For our (PDF), click here.

Wood Grain Finish Color Guide – For our (PDF), click here.

Acid Etch Environmentally Mindful Material and Finishes

We’ve turned over a new leaf.
Introducing our new environment-friendly finishes, and an industry-leading recycled aluminum content.


To become the leader in providing our clients with the optimal overall package. Superior energy efficient and labor-saving products; environmentally mindful material and finishes; premier service and competitive pricing.

  • Aluminum Billet. Tubelite offers an industry leading recycled content in our billet. This presents an outstanding opportunity for clients to assist with LEED projects without adding lead-time or cost.
  • Anodized Finish. Environment-friendly acid etch anodizing produces only 1/10 of the sludge that the traditional caustic-etch process does. This equates to 90% less waste into landfills.
  • Superior Thermal Performance. Tubelite products provide superior performing Condensation Resistance (CRF) and Thermal Conduction (Uc) which help save energy and money.
  • A Complete Package. The optimal recycled aluminum composition combined with the new finish process offers an exceptional overall green package.

Tubelite’s New Environmentally-Friendly, Acid Etched Anodize offers a “Frostier” Matte Finish

We’ve made changes to our etch chemistry, in the anodize process, from traditional caustic etch to a more environmentally-friendly acid etch process. In addition to its green attributes, acid etch creates an aesthetically appealing, “frostier” matte finish.

Acidetch Aluminum Finish

Standard Anodized Matte Finishes

For a complete list of standard and custom finishes, click here.

Wood Grain by Tubelite®

Wood Grain Finishes by Tubelite® have the look and feel of natural wood with the durability and recyclability of aluminum. No more refinishing due to salt, dirt and UV exposure. Our Wood Grain finishes are designed for the toughest environment and clean easily with mild soap and water. ** Wood Grain Finishes by Tubelite® can be applied to the interior and exterior of Tubelite’s storefront, entrance, curtainwall, sunshade and light shelf devices.

NOTE: Colors shown are not exact and are intended for planning purposes. For actual job, Tubelite will supply Linetec color chips.
** Wood Grain finishes by Tubelite® Meet AAMA 2604 with a Standard Warranty of 5 years and Extended Warranty up to 10 years.

Aluminum Finish Color Guide Chart

Depend on Tubelite for detailed information on the performance, integrity and weatherability of anodized finishes, and for specifications on the color retention, erosion resistance, and gloss retention of painted finishes.

For our Standard Finish Color Guide (PDF), click here.
For our Wood Grain Finish Color Guide (PDF), click here.

AAMA Code Code Performance Content Applicable Warranty Tubelite Colors Available
611 Anodized aluminum provides and maintains a superior level of performance in terms of film integrity, exterior weatherability, and general appearance for many years. Two-step electrolyic anodizing process Standard Linetec 5yr. warranty applies on Class I anodize (a)

Standard Tubelite 2yr. warranty applies on Class II anodize

Standard Finishes:
Clear Class II** (C2)
Dark Bronze – Class I (DB)
Special Finishes:
Clear – Class I (C1)
Light Champagne – Class I (LC)
Champagne – Class I (CH)
Light Bronze – Class I (LB)
Medium Bronze – Class I (MB)
Extra Dark Bronze – Class I (EB)
Black – Class I (BL)
Copper – Class I (CA)
2605 Co: 10 years – Fade = 5 Delta E
Ch: 10 years – Chalk = 8
Gl: 10 years – 50% retention
Er: 10 years – 10% loss
SS: 4,000 hours
Hu: 4,000 hours
70% PVDF 10-Year Linetec
Warranty (a)
Standard Pricing:
Bone White (1P)
Colonial White (NP)
Sandstone (5P)
Burnt Sun (7P)
Antique Bronze (ZP)
Beige (BP)
Light Sea Wolf Beige (CP)
Boysenberry (9P)
Dove Gray (VP)
Slate Gray (WP)
Charcoal Gray XP)
Patina Green SP)
Dark Ivy TP)
Hartford Green 2P)
Military Blue DP)
Colonial Red RP)
Sage Brown 8P)
Quaker Bronze 6P)
Black (3P)

Custom Pricing:
Nearly unlimited in-house blendable and order-out paints include 2, 3 and 4-coat finish types
2604 Co: 5 years – Fade = 5 Delta E
Ch: 5 years – Chalk = 8
Gl: 5 years – 30% retention
Er: 5 years – 10% loss
SS: 3,000 hours
Hu: 3,000 hours
50% PVDF 5-Year Linetec Warranty (a) Custom Pricing: Nearly unlimited in-house blendable shades
2603 Co: 1 year – “slight” fade
Ch: 1 year – “slight” chalk
Gl: no specification
Er: no specification
SS: 1,500 hours
Hu: 1,500 hours
Baked Enamel 5-Year Linetec Warranty
(Adhesion only)
Custom Pricing: Nearly unlimited in-house blendable shades

KEY: Co = Color Retention, Ch = Chalk Resistance, Gl = Gloss Retention, Er = Erosion Resistance, SS = Salt Spray, Hu = Humidity

= Tubelite Standard Color Palette

NOTE: *Class I = Minimum 0.7 mil thickness, *Class II = Minimum 0.4 mil thickness, (a) Extended Warranty Available – contact Tubelite Inc. **Class II = Standard 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.