Maxblock® Sunshades: “Z” Blade

Z Blade Sunshades

MAXBLOCK “Z” Blade can be mounted to Tubelite 200 Series or 400 Series Curtainwall

• Minimize solar heat gain through efficient shade factor design
• Reduce cooling costs and energy use
• Credits available for LEED projects
• Patent-pending detachable mounting bracket designed to allow reglazing
• Variety of blade and outrigger styles available
• Finishes to match or contrast with curtainwall framing
• Distinctive architectural design

“Z” Blade – 5-1/4” blade: This shape is our highest shade factor design providing the maximum shade possible with straight outrigger and box-shaped fascia. It will span up to 56” at 65psf.

Maxblock Sunshades
Effectively reduce solar heat gain by shading vision glass areas of the building envelope with Tubelite’s MAXBLOCK Sunshades. Cooling costs can be significantly lowered, while still allowing natural light to fill the workspace. MAXBLOCK Sunshades are designed for use with Tubelite 200 Series or 400 Series Curtainwalls. A unique, easy to install outrigger bracket fastens at the pressure plate area and allows removal of individual sections of sun shade for reglazing applications.
A variety of architectural profiles are available to complement surrounding elements. Three outrigger types with corresponding blade styles and facia caps can be selected. Each type can then be extended from the building in projections of 20”, 25”, 30” and 35” to provide the desired performance. Blades are attached to the outriggers using simple screw spline connections.
LEED Program points are available for reducing building energy costs for cooling while supplementing interior lighting (Energy & Atmosphere Credit 1, 1-10 Points). Estimate the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient on the glass by geography using our convenient tables. See Tubelite’s technical data in the full product information binder.

Maxblock Outriggers & Spans

25” straight outrigger with Z” Blade shown: 30 degrees Latitude North, Summer Solstice, High Noon. Shade factor 97%.*


  • 20” outrigger has 3 blades
  • 25” outrigger has 4 blades
  • 30” outrigger has 5 blades
  • 35” outrigger has 6 blades

Connect to Tubelite’s 200 Series or 400 Series Curtainwall with a unique bracket that doubles as a pressure plate, and allows removal of individual sections without affecting the wall system. Outriggers are painted finish only and match anodized or painted blades. *Sun shade blade design and performance may limit outrigger spans.

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