Product Types

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Doors & Frames: Standard Narrow Stile Medium Stile Wide Stile Monumental Therml=Block
Thermal Doors
TerraPorte 7600
Custom Doors Glass Stops ForceFront Storm
Monumental Stile 2″
ForceFront Storm
Medium Stile 1 3/4″
ForceFront Blast
Wide Stile Doors
Door Hardware: Hinges Overhead Closers Locks Faceplates Cylinders Turns Push/Pulls
Storefront Framing: 4500 Series INT45 – Interior 14000 i/O Multiplane 14000 Series E/T 24650 Series Therml=Block
TU24000 Series
TU24650 VersaTherm™ Miscellaneous Extrusions ForceFront Storm E44000 ForceFront Storm E/T34000 ForceFront Blast E/T 34000
Curtainwall/ Ribbon Window: 200 Series Therml=Block
300ES Series
400 Series Introducing
400T Thermal
Miscellaneous Extrusions Therml=Block 400TU Therml=Block 900RW ForceFront Storm 2 ½″ ForceFront Blast 2 ½”
Operable Windows: Introducing
Phantom Vent 5000 Zero Sightline Window
3700 Conventional 3700 Concealed 3700 Casement 3700 Hopper
Daylighting Controls: Airfoil Sun Shade Z Blade Sun Shade Tubular Sun Shade aLuminate™ Light Shelves
Thermal Framing Products: Therml=Block Thermal Doors Introducing
TerraPorte 7600
TU24000 Series TU24650 300ES Series 400TU 900RW
Impact-Resistant Products: ForceFront™ Storm Monumental Stile 2″ Medium Stile 1 ¾″ E44000  E/T34000  2 ½″
Blast-Resistant Products: ForceFront™ Blast Wide Stile E/T 34000  2 ½” 
Finishes: Anodized Painted New Environmentally Friendly Finishes
Tubelite architectural aluminum entrances, storefronts, mid-rise curtainwalls, and operable windows are designed and tested for commercial construction in the U.S. Entrance doors for retail, educational and institutional applications have a variety of standard sizes and hardware options for glass thicknesses up to 1”. Storefronts for first-floor installation of ¼” or 1″ insulated glass, also offer a variety of thermally improved systems. Pressure-bar type curtainwall systems for up to six stories, and project-out vent and casement windows allow a single source for most projects. Anodized finish colors are Clear, or earth tones ranging from Champagne to Black, and 15 standard painted colors are offered in 70% Kynar® composition for up to 10-year standard guarantee.


Tubelite has a variety of product types for commercial construction.