Tubelite is your source for high performance thermal framing products.

Tubelite Therml=Block – is a full line of high performance thermal framing that provides superior insulation through improved thermal breaks and air baffles, while also providing for structural and aesthetic requirements. The Therml=Block system has been designed for use as a complete package of entrance, storefront and curtainwall products, or individually as needed.

Check out the following storefront products we have to offer:

TU24000 Dual Pocket Poured and Debridged Thermal Storefront
TU24000 Dual Pocket Poured and Debridged Thermal Storefront Detail

TU24000 Dual Pocket Poured & Debridged Thermal Storefront

Tubelite’s most popular thermally broken storefront line has been expanded and enhanced with an additional P&D thermal break pocket. The TU24000 Series has the same 2″ x 4-1/2″ profile as the T14000 system, and offers standard screw-spline or shear block joints.

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TU24650 Ultra Thermal Storefront
TU24650 Ultra Thermal Storefront Detail

TU24650 Dual Pocket Poured & Debridged Thermal Storefront

Tubelite’s dual thermally broken storefront line has been expanded and enhanced with the addition of TU24650 Series 2″ x 6-1/2″.

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Thermal Block Entrances
Thermal Block Entrances Detail
Choice One Newaygo in Newaygo Michigan

Therml=Block Entrances

Tubelite Therml=Block Entrances are designed using the same durable components as our Standard Entrances for outstanding craftsmanship and strength, with the additional benefit of strut thermal barriers for enhanced thermal performance. Door stiles are available in Medium Stile 4″ and Wide Stile 5″ models; top rails in 4″ and 5″ heights; and bottom in 10″ height for ADA compliance. Snap-in thermally broken vertical frame closures easily accommodate addition of sidelites and incorporation with thermal storefront framing.

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TerraPorte 7600 Terrace Door
TerraPorte 7600 Terrace Door Building
TerraPorte 7600 Terrace Door Office Building

Therml=Block TerraPorte 7600

The TerraPorte 7600 Series Out-swing and In-swing architectural terrace doors are ideal for mid-rise residential projects, condominiums, and hotels. The 3-1/4″ deep thermal system can be installed as a standalone product or easily integrated into Tubelite’s curtainwall, ribbon window, and storefront systems.

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300ES Curtainwall
300ES Curtainwall Therm-Block Detail
Compton Family Ice Arena in South Bend Indiana

300ES Curtainwall

Tubelite 300ES Series Curtainwall Framing is designed for superior thermal performance using Therml=Block thermal strut technology.

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400TU High Performance Thermal Curtainwall
400TU High Performance Thermal Curtainwall Cover

400TU High Performance Thermal Curtainwall

Tubelite’s newest thermally broken curtainwall product has been designed to meet or exceed today’s stringent energy codes. The 400TU Series has a 2-1/2″ face, and offers screw-spline or shear clip assembly. The pressure bar system can be stick fabricated, or assembled into “ladders” at your shop for field glazing.

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900RW Thermal Ribbon Window
900RW Thermal Ribbon Window Cover

900RW Thermal Ribbon Window

Tubelite’s 900RW Series offers solutions for between slab strip window applications. The 2-1/4″ wide system is available in 4-1/2″ and 6″ depths. Glazing options include all captured, silicone glazed verticals, and exterior glazing for spandrel areas.

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Phantom 5000 Zero Sight Line Windows
Phantom 5000 Zero Sight Line Windows Slider
Centrum Bucktown in Chicago Illinois

Phantom 5000 Zero Sightline Windows

Let fresh air into your building with these zero sightline windows that install easily into Tubelite’s curtainwall and window wall products.

Available in awning and casement configurations and large sizes, the Architectural Grade (AW) Phantom windows provide excellent thermal, structural, air, and water performance.

The concealed frame design is virtually invisible for the exterior of the building providing a consistent appearance of fixed lites. Hinging options allow opening from the bottom or side of the window. Screens are available with frames to match the window.

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