Therml=Block Entrances

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Thermal=Block Door


Therml=block detail


Tubelite Therml=Block Entrances are designed using the same durable components as our Standard Entrances for outstanding craftsmanship and strength, with the additional benefit of maximum insulating properties. The Medium Stile Door has a face dimension of 4” and is designed for typical commercial use with a greater variety of hardware options. Bottom rail height is 10” for accessibility requirements. Snap-in glass stops provide for 1” glazing thicknesses.

Therml=Block Entrances are furnished with mortised butt hinges, offset pivots or continuous hinges as specified. Standard deadbolt locks, and concealed vertical rod or rim panic exit devices also may be selected. Standard pull handles have been designed for ADA access and have matching push bars.

The Tubelite Therml=Block Entrances frame has snap-in door stops to conceal frame anchors and provide an excellent weatherseal. Open-back vertical door jambs allow easy, fast assembly with the screw-spline head member. Snap-in vertical frame closures easily accommodate addition of sidelites and incorporation with thermal storefront framing.

Therml=Block Thermal Entrances Specifications
Application: Stile Width: Door Thickness Glass
Air Infiltration: Static
AAMA 1503
U Value:
AAMA 1503
Thermally broken door
with insulating glass for
enhanced thermal performance
4″ Medium, 5” Wide 3/4 1” 0.21 CFM/FT2 @ 1.6 PSF 4.59 PSF 75.19 PSF 57 0.59
Therml=Block Thermal Entrances Specifications
Application: Thermally broken door with insulating glass for enhanced thermal performance
Stile Width: 4″ Medium, 5” Wide
Door Thickness 3/4
Glass Thickness: 1”
Air Infiltration: 0.21 CFM/FT2 @ 1.6 PSF
Static Water: 4.59 PSF
Structural Overload: 75.19 PSF
CRF*: AAMA 1503 57
U Value: AAMA 1503 0.59
* See Tubelite’s Test Reports for mock up sizes and test conditions.