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Tubelite’s dual thermally broken storefront line has been expanded and enhanced with the addition of TU24650 Series 2” x 6 1/2”.

Beauty and Performance

The dual thermal break decreases U-Factors and increases CRF over a single P&D pocket when using the same size and type of insulated glass. Azon’s Lancer® mechanical lock provides long-term resistance to shrinkage of the polyurethane barrier. The glass plane matches that of our 4 1/2” system depth for a pleasing reveal on the exterior and interior sides of the frame. Seven anodized finishes and 20 standard paint color are available on this storefront framing system to complement any project with warranteed protection, as well as street appeal.

TU24650 Mechanical Lock

Azon’s Lancer® mechanical lock provides long-term resistance to shrinkage of the polyurethane barrier. < Click for a larger view. >

Performance Test Standards
Air Performance ASTM E 283
Water AAMA 501 and ASTM E 331
Structural ASTM E 330
Thermal AAMA 1503
Thermal Break AAMA 505 and AAMA TIR-A8
Acoustical AAMA 1801 and ASTM E 1425


TU24650 Dual Pocket Poured & Debridged Thermal Storefront is recommended for use on ground floor storefront or protected low-rise applications. Framing has 1/2” bite for use with glass or panels up to 1″ thick. Verticals can be steel-reinforced for high performance against strong windloads. Tubelite 3700 Series operable windows can be glazed into the storefront framing pocket for natural ventilation.

Members can be assembled using screw spline or clip joinery, and framing is compatible with Tubelite’s Medium and Wide Stile Therml=Block™ Doors.

Our TU24650 Series Storefront products are subjected to thorough testing by an independent laboratory, ensuring that you get the highest quality storefront framing products that the industry has to offer.

TU24650 Series Product Specifications
Application: Face Width: Overall Depths: Glass
Air Infiltration: Dynamic Water: Structural: CRF*:
Outside Set
U Value1: Sound Transmission: Outside
HVHZ Approved:
Low-Rise storefront,
center set glass,
inside/outside glazed
2″ 6 1/2 1” 0.06 CFM/Ft.2@ 6.24 PSF 12 PSF 30 PSF

45 PSF

70 – glass

75 – frame

0.31 – NFRC 102 31 STC
FL# 20393.1
TU24650 Series Product Specifications
Application: Low-Rise storefront, center set glass, inside/outside glazed
Face Width: 2″
Overall Depths: 6 1/2
Glass Thickness: 1”
Air Infiltration: 0.06 CFM/Ft.2@ 6.24 PSF
Dynamic Water: 12 PSF
Structural: 30 PSF, 45 PSF Overload
CRF*: 70 – glass, 75 – frame
U Value1: 0.31 – NFRC 102
Sound Transmission: 29 STC, 25 OITC
Outside HVHZ Approved: Yes – FL# 20393.1
* See Tubelite’s Test Reports for mock up sizes and test conditions.
1 Glass Type = 1/4″ SB70XL #2 / 1/2″ Air / 1/4″ Clear. COG U-factor = 0.29. Results obtained from AAMA 507 reports unless otherwise noted. All results represent NFRC 100 standard opening sizes of 78.74″ x 78.74″ for frames and 75.59″ x 82.28″ for doors.