VersaTherm™ Storefront Framing

VersaTherm Storefront Framing Cutaway

VersaTherm Storefront Framing Window

VersaTherm™ Storefront Framing is our most versatile and economical storefront framing system. The flexible design allows for on-site fabrication in applications ranging from punched openings to mall fronts. VersaTherm is available in a large selection of profiles. Snap-on covers and backmembers, available in a variety of colors, allow for contrasting interior and exterior finishes. Finish options and glass positioning from frame exterior to center meet a wide range of aesthetic requirements.

Snap-on covers and back members are “locked” together by a unique thermal barrier clip. This clip ensures that interior and exterior metal members remain separate while firmly connected, virtually eliminating the transference of frost and condensation. High-performance verticals and compatibility with Tubelite stock doors create a complete and truly versatile system.

VersaTherm Storefront, 0A Clear Anodized; Owner: Karmann Manufacturing, Plymouth, MI; Architect: DeMattia Group; Tubelite Dealer: Calvin & Company

VersaTherm Product Specifications
Application: Face Width: Overall Depths: Glass
Air Infiltration: Static Water: Uniform Load Deflection: CRF*: U Value1: Sound Transmission:
Low-Rise storefront, front or center set glass, outside glazed 1 3/4 2 1/16” to 8 1/2 1/4“, 1” 0.01 CFM/Ft.2
@ 6.24 PSF
12 PSF 30 PSF 64 (Frame)
55 (Glass)
0.40 – 6″ system NA
VersaTherm Product Specifications
Application: Low-Rise storefront, front or center set glass, outside glazed
Face Width: 1 3/4
Overall Depths: 2 1/16” to 8 1/2
Glass Thickness: 1/4“, 1”
Air Infiltration: 0.01 CFM/Ft.2
@ 6.24 PSF
Static Water: 12 PSF
Uniform Load Deflection: 30 PSF
CRF*: 64 (Frame)
55 (Glass)
U Value1: 0.40 – 6″ system
Sound Transmission: NA
* See Tubelite’s Test Reports for mock up sizes and test conditions.
1 Glass Type = 1/4″ SB70XL #2 / 1/2″ Air / 1/4″ Clear. COG U-factor = 0.29. Results obtained from AAMA 507 reports unless otherwise noted. All results represent NFRC 100 standard opening sizes of 78.74″ x 78.74″ for frames and 75.59″ x 82.28″ for doors.