Wide Stile Entrances

Wide Stile

Custom Entrance, Clear Anodized; Owner: Karmann Manufacturing, Plymouth, MI; Architect: DeMattia Group; Tubelite Dealer: Calvin & Company

When you need to create a dramatic point of entry, or to match the architectural detail of a great design. Tubelite craftsmen can produce Narrow, Medium or Wide Stile entrances built and finished to your specifications.

Durable Tie-Rod Construction
The strength and flexibility of steel tie-rod construction is what holds it all together and makes our doors endure. Tie-rod assembly is as durable as welded corner construction, but superior in many ways. Tubelite doors can be modified, disassembled or resized right in the field. No other door offers you this much strength and flexibility.

Wide Stile Entrances

Custom Entrance, Green Painted Finish; Project: Andrews Student Recreation & Wellness Center, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH; Architects: Strollo & Associates; General Contractor: Hively Construction; Tubelite Dealer: Warren Glass